College of Information Engineering Held a Meeting on Safety and Hygiene of Dormitory

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Dormitory is an important place for college students to live and study, and it is the third classroom of students. In order to improve the overall level of safety, hygiene and civilization of students' dormitories, to create a good learning and living environment for students and to give full play to the educational role of dormitories, the College of Information Engineering held a meeting on dormitory management from April 10 to 11. The monitor, the living committee and the dormitory chief attended the meeting.

At the meeting, all grade counselors emphasized the safety and hygiene management rules and regulations, and hoped that all students would strictly abide by the relevant regulations, and encouraged students to manage themselves and abide by the dormitory convention together. The college required each class to establish a responsibility system. The college carries out routine and long-term inspection, adopts daily self-examination and frequent checks.

In addition, in order to set up a model among the students in the whole college, the Institute will in the near future create, select a batch of model dormitories that are safe, hygienic, clean and warm in the environment, and have a strong learning atmosphere, so as to give play to the exemplary leadership role of student party members and student cadres.