Wang Yihua, an excellent alumnus, returned to JSCVC

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On the morning of May 27, the outstanding alumni of JSCVC,  Executive Deputy Director of the Caring-for-the-Next-Generation Committee of Nanjing Judicial Bureau, former Deputy Director of Nanjing Legal Affairs Office, Wang Yihua, former President of Jiangsu Radio and Television University Textile Branch, Su Shigong, teacher Xu Bo returned to their alma mater to have a discussion with Jin Lixia, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of the university. Liu Tao, Deputy Director of Student Affairs Office, attended the discussion.

Wang Yihua first expressed his blessing and gratitude to his alma mater, as well as his expectation for the university anniversary celebration. Jin Lixia introduced the development of the university, the construction of the alumni sorority and the preparations for the series of activities to celebrate the 40th anniversary, and extended a warm welcome to the alumni's return.

Wang Yihua affectionately recalled the scene when he was studying at the university. He said: although the conditions were difficult at that time, most of them studied through tape recorders, university provided us with first-class teaching materials, teachers and strict examinations, everyone was enthusiastic about learning, studied hard, laid a solid cultural foundation which played an important role in their life. He hoped that the school could refine the spirit of Jiangsu Open University through a series of alumni activities, strengthen the relationship among university, society and the government, so that the society can fully understand Jiangsu Open University, and at the same time accumulate material for the history of the university.

After the forum, the three alumni said they would continue to pay attention to and support the development of their alma mater, actively mobilize more alumni to participate in the celebrations so as to integrate the wisdom and strength of alumni into the development of the university.