Wang Jianming, Secretary of the Party Committee of the University, Visited the Model Dormitory of School of Information Engineering

Views:16Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2019-05-28Set Up

On the afternoon of May 22, Wang Jianming, Secretary of the university's Party Committee, visited the “model dormitory”of School of Information Engineering,accompanied by Jin Lixia, Deputy Secretary of the university's Party Committee.

Wang Jianming listened to Yuan Guixia, Deputy Secretary of the Party General Branch of  School of Information Engineering,about the process of building a model dormitory. He visited three model dormitories among them, dormitory 111 is decorated as basketball enthusiasts' home, basketball and sports equipment are skillfully accepted; dormitory 109 is blue and white in tone, fresh and tidy; girls' dormitory is arranged in an artful, warm and loving way, full of literary and artistic flavor. Model dormitory is posted with dormitory watch bill and dormitory convention, clean and tidy, neat and unique. Wang Jianming praised the school for their work. He stressed that to build a model dormitory is to set up a model, set up a benchmark. We should pay close attention to implementation, and serve as a meritorious service for a long time.

Also on the tour were Ji Haiju,  Liu Tao, and Wang Wei.